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Social Distancing Reserved Seating

Social Distancing Reserved Seating

Social distancing Reserved seating is here, at the NICOSIA MALL

Book your seat either online or at the ticket booth and our new ticketing technology will automatically block the seats surrounding your selection (front & back & left & right) to maintain proper social distancing throughout the movie.


You have the option to book from 1 to 4 seats at a time, so you can watch your favorite movies with your family and friends (up to 4 people can sit together next to each other).


Take your movie-going experience to the next level by reserving a seat online before arriving to the theatre. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

VIP at no extra cost. Skip the long lines, GO STRAIGHT to the ONLINE TICKETS counter.


Our priority is to keep moviegoers and staff safe, healthy, and happy.


Enjoy the show… from a safe distance!