Nicosia Mall
Premier Cinemas

ButtKicker Cinema System



RIO Premier Cinemas Features: 

ButtKicker Seat-Moving Technology

Movies that move you and deliver an amazing movie experience.




RIO Premier Cinemas has “set a new standard with movie theaters” by outfitting its main screen, at Nicosia Mall, Cyprus with The ButtKicker technology adding a sense of “feel” to the movie experience by moving and shaking the seats and floors. It’s adding a third sense to the movie experience.

When they go off it’s very intense. It’s not overdone. It’s done just right. “It’s the state-of-the-art in movie theaters”. It is incredible!  

Having ButtKicker technology installed in RIO Premier screen one, along with the first in Cyprus, Certified by Dolby Technologies, “Dolby Atmos” and Laser 4K Projection, is the ultimate movie experience.

We think people are really just going to love it!